Our key competences

We are specialists in the planning and construction supervision of floor slabs made of steel fibre reinforced concrete and conventional reinforced concrete according to nationally and internationally applicable sets of standards and guidelines. Due to our experience, we can rely on our long-term knowledge and permanently develop our key competence and therefore support our customers in a qualified manner.

Concept- and implementation planning by means of specialization in non-linear calculations

For the solution of complex problems, we use the latest hardware and software. In order to achieve economical solutions with non-linear methods, the inclusion of accurate material properties of steel fibre and conventional reinforced concrete in every task is necessary. Moreover, in doing so, we are able to furnish realistic modelling in regards to the deformation behaviour of the components. In regards to the deformation calculation, an economical and functioning solution for automated warehouses can be developed through the iterative process by working closely together with the logistic planners.

Supervision of construction and flatness measurements

In order to achieve the best possible result, the materials used, the execution and the installation conditions must be correct. We undertake the supervision and therefore ensure that the execution complies with the planning.

Material examinations in the laboratory

We do not only support you during the execution, but we can also carry out fresh and hardened concrete testing. We have vast experience in the examination of steel fibre reinforced concrete and conduct bending beam tests in our own laboratory.

Expert reporting and damage analysis

In case of any damage, we can assist you in a trusting manner. We can carry out damage analysis, issue expert reports and create corresponding remediation concepts.